Sexy Corsets on Sexy Girls

Throughout history curvy women have been viewed as sexy and a good quality corset emphasizes these curves like no other item of clothing can. Whilst for many years they were considered as just an undergarment, they have now been adopted whole heartedly by the fashion industry with many beautiful corsets available on the high st.

Corsets of all styles have been worn for centuries, often causing great debate. They were originally worn to provide the wearer with the sought after ‘hourglass’ figure and can be traced back as far as Greek and Minoan times. The Minoan Snake Goddess is often portrayed wearing something that looks very much like a corset.

During the Renaissance period corsets made of whalebone, iron and even wood were common. They became more elaborately designed and were worn by both boys and girls from as young as 5 or 6 years old.


Wearers of corsets use them to reduce their waist size and emphasize the hips and bust. A quality, tailored corset can be used to train the waist size by approx 2 to 4 inches with some devoted wearers reaching waist measurements of 16 or 17 inches! A contemporary fan of the corset is burlesque model and minor celebrity Dita Von Teese who boasts a 16 inch waist whilst corseted.

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