Vintage Artistic Erotic Photography and Sexual Pin Up

These days, pin up art is a symbol of vintage American erotic artwork. Nevertheless, it required more than a hundred years of progress to make a total transition from its initial status as an under appreciated erotic art form. Pin up art emerged through the social paradigm shift from conservative to more liberal cultural values resulting from the sexual revolution of the early 20th century. Although the precursor to pin up illustrations began to show up in magazines as early as the 1890s, it was the flapper culture of the 1920s that truly gave rise to the movement.

With the introduction of improved printing technology, the need for competent artists who could interest a diverse readership quickly increased. The publication of Esquire magazine in the 1930s vaulted pin up into mainstream awareness. Pin ups are often regarded as females whose physical appeal would induce someone to “pin up” the image on a wall. Because Esquire usually incorporated artwork of the sex symbols of the time, the magazine’s significant reach made it possible for many people to show off these graphics. The mainstream expansion of pin up imagery became of representation of a national paradigm shift.

By the outset of World War II, pin up art was truly an American sensation. Celebrity illustrations were everywhere in US publications, on fighter airplanes, and exhibited in just about every soldiers’ barracks. Pin up ultimately found recognition as a kind of artwork as these illustrations grew to be more and more collectable.

During the 50s and 60s, pin up art transitioned into photography as a medium, yet became a lot more erotic in character. This kind of new pin up imagery deteriorated from the classic playful innocence, it could no longer be deemed art. This brought on the loss of authentic pin up illustrations right up until attention was restored in recent years online. The online world can showcase traditional art while concurrently permitting modern designers to contact an audience enthusiastic about vintage imagery.

Pin up has regained the interest of today’s art world and is thought of as an authentically American art form. Several of today’s new pin up images are frequently done in a photo-realistic or airbrushed style that differs from traditional pin up. Nevertheless, lots of artists try to remain true to the innocence and creativity of the iconic images. No matter what, pin up will forever be considered a symbol of Americana as it has once more renewed innovation within the art field.

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